Site Rules

GoNow Gaming Site Rules


1.       Result Reporting

1.1.       Once one user confirms the results of a challenge, the other user has 10 minutes to verify or dispute those results. If results are not disputed within 10 minutes, then the submitted result is automatically accepted and funds/points are distributed accordingly.

1.2.      If neither user reports the results of a challenge within the defined window of game time, then the game will be considered to have not been played and will be cancelled. Game result will not be recorded and the entry fee, less management fee, will be returned to both users.

1.3.      Users are encouraged to maintain a record (video and/or comprehensive image evidence) of every challenge that they have played, regardless whether they have won or lost, and be able to submit this to GoNow Gaming upon request.

1.4.      If users opt to use GoNow Gaming’s automatic verification technology then users do not need to report results. If you feel the automatic verification technology reported in error please contact one of the GoNow Gaming Admins immediately either through direct chat on site, or via email,  


2.      Disputes

2.1.      Any dispute that is filed without evidence will be considered invalid. If no evidence has been reported by either user within the allotted submission time, the challenge will be cancelled or marked as incomplete and entry fees will be returned to both users' accounts.

2.2.     If only one user submits evidence during this time frame proving a win, that user will be deemed the winner of the challenge, while the opposing user will receive a loss and negative feedback for creating a dispute.

2.3.     If a user claims the opposing user has broken a rule in a match, evidence is required or the dispute claim will most likely not be considered valid.

2.4.     If a user exits, quits or disconnects from a match while they are losing or tied, their match will create a dispute. If the user cannot provide evidence that would give reasonable excuse for why they left the match, the match will potentially be forfeited. Any user that exits, quits or disconnects from matches on a consistent basis will have their account reviewed and potentially banned from GoNow Gaming.


3.      Game Features, Lags & Disconnections

3.1.      Custom teams/players are not allowed. Customised game features will result in an automatic forfeit.

3.2.     No guests are allowed in a challenge.

3.3.     When playing a challenge with a poor connectivity level, the users must be sure to quit before either of them gains a significant advantage in the challenge.

3.4.     If a user disconnects from a challenge while their opponent has a significant advantage, the user who disconnected will receive an automatic loss.

3.5.     If agreed upon by both users, a new challenge can be played from the point of disconnect.

3.6.     If the challenge is played and completed in its entirety, the results of the challenge will stand.

3.7.     GoNow Gaming has the sole discretion to adjust end challenge results at any time.

3.8.     Users who are caught intentionally lagging will face an automatic loss and suspension.

3.9.     When disputing a lagging challenge, video evidence of the lag is required in order for the dispute to be validated. The user reporting an early exit by their opponent must be able to provide video evidence that clearly identifies the exit of the challenge.


4.      Challenges

4.1.      Both users must ‘check-in’ for their scheduled challenges at least 5 minutes before the scheduled start time.

4.2.     Challenges will appear on user’s profile page giving them the option to ‘Check-in’ or ‘Concede’.

4.3.     If a user has not ‘checked-in’ to a scheduled challenge 10 minutes after the scheduled start time, challenge will be forfeited by the ‘no-show’ user.

4.4.     If neither user checks in for their scheduled challenge, then both users will forfeit the challenge.

4.5.     For any direct challenge, the receiving user has 5 minutes to accept or decline that challenge.


5.      Fee

5.1.      GoNow Gaming charges a non-refundable management fee for every challenge.

5.2.     This fee is refunded if the challenge is cancelled by GoNow Gaming or by mutual agreement of both users.


6.      Payout

6.1.      All challenge stakes and winnings, less management fees, are deposited into a user’s GoNow Gaming account immediately after results are verified.


7.       Conduct

7.1.      Any negative behaviour (as deemed by GoNow Gaming) by a user towards any GoNow Gaming staff member, or towards other users on the GoNow Gaming site, will result in an immediate suspension for an indefinite period of time as determined by GoNow Gaming.

7.2.     Any users who are caught cheating/boosting their statistics in any challenge or tournament on GoNow Gaming will be immediately disqualified with no entry fee reimbursement and will be suspended. When claiming that a user has boosted their statistics in any way, video evidence is required in order for the claim to be validated.

7.3.     If a user is found to be using a secondary account to circumvent a suspension, that user will forfeit all outstanding challenges and will face an additional suspension.

7.4.     If a user is found to be impersonating any GoNow Gaming staff member, that user will forfeit all outstanding challenges and will face a suspension.

7.5.     If a user is found to be reporting inaccurate or forged information/evidence in an effort to deceive GoNow Gaming, the dispute review will result in an automatic forfeit, and the user’s account will enter review and potentially be banned.

7.6.     If a user does not agree with the settings or teams being used in a particular challenge, do not start the game – and provide evidence of the opponent’s breach of rules.

7.7.      If a user has been found to not abide by the defined rules of the site or a particular challenge, the user will forfeit their prize and may be subject to suspension.


8.      Strikes

8.1.      If a user claims a “Win” in a competition, match, or challenge that was not played, not completed, drawn, or lost, then the user will serve an automatic forfeit and suspension will be issued appropriately.

8.2.     If a user submits “False or Tampered evidence”, such as evidence which has previously been submitted and/or archived from a previous competition, match, or challenge, evidence that has been altered or changed in any way, or evidence that has been falsely created, then the user who submits such evidence will automatically forfeit the match, and immediately face a suspension.